RAV X ReWildYourSoul
Our company is pleased to announce the hosting of one of the three national handpan festivals in the USA. Come and experience the soothing, peaceful sounds of the handpan, performed by professional musicians at concerts or participate in workshops aimed at enhancing your playing skills. This three-day event will feature multiple concerts in historic venues throughout Jacksonville. And we are delighted to announce, as part of the festival and in collaboration with Ricky Hillson that we will be presenting to you an exclusive limited collection of Rav Vast drums in a golden color, with only 12 drums available.
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ReWildYourSoul | Ricky Hillson

Ricky is a professional multi-instrumentalist, teacher and artisan, performing on guitar, Handpan, Rav and a variety of World Instruments. Elevating these instruments beyond just drums, his creative songwriting style engages listeners mind, body and soul.

After teaching handpan and RAV all over the US and online, his core musical belief is that we are all inherently musicians and awakening our individual abilities is often a life changing experience.

Ricky Hillson
RAV / Hadpan teacher, songwriter
RAV X ReWildYourSoul
Together with Ricky, we embarked on a collaborative journey that resulted in the creation of a unique instrument, the "The Mystic", adorned in a resplendent golden hue.
The Mystic, exclusively created for brand ambassador Ricky Hillson, is a striking scale that excels in both design and sound. Crafted in luxurious gold with a protective hydrophobic glaze, it features just seven notes, creating a captivating and enchanting melody. The unique gap under the ding, adorned with a special design element, complements the personalized RAV locket and plug.

Notes: G2 - D3 D#3 G3 A3 A#3 D4 F4
Proficiency level: Advanced
Mood: Mysterious
Key: G
Weight: 14 lb
Size: 20''
Height: 7''
Coating: Hydrophobic
Colour: Gold
Rim: Brass
The sales of limited collection "RAV x ReWildYourSoul" will start on November 18th.
Don't miss the opportunity to join Ricky on social media and follow his creative journey along with Rav Vast
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